Connecting You To
Local Home Bakers

Cottage Nosh connects licensed local bakers, operating home food businesses under recently passed ‘Cottage Food Laws,’ to customers that love homemade foods.

How Cottage Nosh Works


Find local bakers in your community.


Order your favorite baked goods for pickup or delivery.


Get your food with convenient pickup &
delivery options.

What Is A Nosh Day?

Some of the talented part-time bakers in your community may only have their goodies available on specific dates.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just for fun – Nosh Days provide limited-edition treats to your community!

Explore Nosh Days

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What Is A Baker’s Shop?

Some of your neighbors are full-time bakers. Check out their à la carte noshes!

Explore Products

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Our Promise To You!

We promise to operate Cottage Nosh in a manner that will help sustain a community of home bakers and promote a thriving local food culture.

Cottage Nosh takes food safety seriously and only allows home bakers licensed to operate in compliance with their state’s Cottage Food laws to sell on its site.

Your experience is important to us and in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with a product, you are entitled to a full cash refund.

Food Safety

At Cottage Nosh food safety is of utmost importance. That’s why we only allow home bakers licensed to operate in compliance with state regulations on our platform.

When preparing your food, we require home bakers to wear gloves and hairnets. Furthermore, Cottage Nosh sellers are required to comply with their state’s Cottage Food Law by including ingredient and allergen labeling and limiting their listings to low-risk foods.




Emily C.
Manhattan, NY

Since my wife and I both work and don’t have time to bake we worried that our kids were eating lots of ultra processed snacks. With Cottage Nosh we can provide them with lots of healthier choices.



Sam G.
Brooklyn, NY

My Cottage Nosh snacks now support hardworking local bakers.



Teddy S.
Huntington, NY

I love baked goods but hate buying Big Ag’s ultra-processed foods. Cottage Nosh helps me build relationships with local bakers in my community.



Annie R.
Albany, NY

Cottage Nosh is the perfect solution for someone that loves serving homemade baked goods but doesn’t always have the time to go shopping and bake.

Meet The Bakers


Willy C.

Wood’s Goods

I have a major sweet tooth, and I registered with the state to sell my bakes when I learned of Cottage Nosh. I love that I can customize Nosh Days that fit with my schedule, and now my hobby has become a side gig!


Violet H.

Violet’s Bakery

I love being a Cottage Nosh Junior Baker, and spending time in the kitchen with my Bubbey baking for the family. I love trying new things. It’s so much fun to delight my friends and neighbors on the weekends, when I am not in school!


Greta P.

Greta’s Grub

I am starting out offering things I already love to bake, but I am excited to get to know my new neighbors and hear about their favorite baked goods. Maybe I will expand my repertoire on Cottage Nosh! Why not? It’s free and fun!

Find Wholesome,
Delicious, and Homemade Baked Goods Near You!