Adding a Listing

By: Eric Greenbaum

Adding listings to your profile is how you show customers what products you have available.  Adding listings is a quick and easy process… just follow the steps outlined below!  If you need more help you can watch the “Adding a Listing” video here, or reach out to our Baker Success team for one-on-one help. 

To add a listing, use the “Shop Manager” dropdown menu to navigate to the “My Listings” page and click the “Add Listing” button on the top right hand corner of the page.  

When you get the “Add Listing” page this is what you’ll see:

Let’s review the input fields and highlight the important aspects of each of them:

Live / Draft Toggle: Your Listing will be toggled to “Draft” mode until you switch it to “Live.”  Your Listings will not be visible to customers until you set it to “Live.”

Title: This is your chance to pick a catchy title for your Listing that will grab the attention of your customers.  We suggest choosing a descriptive title that highlights what is most appealing about your product.  For example “Local Orchard Apple Pie,” “Garden Fresh Jalapeno Corn Bread.”

Category: Use the category drop-down menu to select the most appropriate category for your listing. If there is not an exact match, use the option that most closely describes your product.

Product Description: Describe your product to your customers.  Tell them what makes it so good.  

Ingredients: List each and every ingredient in your product.  Listing the ingredients in your product is a legal requirement.  You MUST list every ingredient in your product.

Recipe Images: Use the “Browse” button to upload images of your product from your computer.  Use the highest quality images you have and take some time to get some nicely staged pictures of your products.  Remember that people eat with their eyes!

Price: Set the price for your listing. Select a price that reflects your time and effort for creating the product and one that is fair to your customers. 

Quantity or Weight: This field establishes the units and quantity of your listing.  You have the option of inputting quantities on a “units” or net weight basis.  For example, if your listing is for a dozen cookies, input “12” in the quantity field and select “units” in the dropdown menu.  If your listing is for 1 pound of cookies, input “16” in the quantity field and select “ounces” in the dropdown menu (1 pound = 16 ounces.)

Best if Eaten Within: use this field to tell you customers the freshness window of your product.  Use the dropdown menu to select the number of days your product will remain at the peak of freshness. 

Value Tags: Use Value Tags to highlight the values that are reflected in your listing.  Value tags include “organic,” “fair trade,” “keto,” and many others.

Occasion Tags: Use Occasion tags to highlight what occasions your listing would be great for.  Occasion tags include: “Kid Birthday,” “Corporate Meeting,” “Christmas,” and many others.

Minimum Order Quantity: Input the minimum order quantity for this listing.  For example, if your listing is for 1 muffin but you only want to sell your muffins by the dozen, input “12” in the Minimum Order Quantity field.  

Maximum Order Quantity: Input the maximum quantity of this item that customers will be able to order.  For example if your listing is for 12 units of muffins and you can only make 10 dozen muffins in your kitchen, input “10” into the Maximum Order Quantity field.

This listing will be available in your Nosh Days. Do you also want to make it available in your Shop?: All listings will be available for your Nosh Days.  If you are also operating a Baker’s Shop, use this dropdown to select whether this product will be available in your shop. If you are not sure whether you want to run a Baker’s shop select “No” from the drop down menu. You can always go back and change this in the future.  Not sure what the difference is between Nosh Days and a Bakers Shop… read more about that here.

Lead Time: If you have chosen to make this listing available in your Baker’s Shop, enter the lead time for this product.  Lead time is the amount of time you need from being notified of the order to having the order ready for your customer.  For example, if it takes you 5 days to make a sourdough bread, input “5” and select “days” from the drop down menu.  If it takes you 1 hour to have a batch of cookies ready, input “1” and select “hours” from the drop down menu.  Lead time is only relevant for operating a Baker’s Shop.  If you are only selling your products via Nosh Days this field is not relevant. 

Private Notes: This field will not be visible to your customers.  It is there for you to make any notes that will help you prepare this listing.

Save / Cancel: Remember that you can save your progress on a listing and come back to it later.

When you are done setting up your Listing, don’t forget to return to the top of the screen and set it to “Live” using the toggle.  Your Listing will not be visible to customers until you set it to “Live.”


Eric is a baker, lawyer, scientist, and gardener. He enjoys developing and training health regulations and operating procedures. His favorite nosh is apple blueberry tart.