Baker Spread the Word Checklist

By: Emily Parson

Congrats, baker! You are getting going! Your shop is ready, and it’s time to spread the word.

Here are our suggestions for reaching potential customers in your own network, in the order we think would be best.

Don’t try to do them all at once! It’s important to build at a pace that works for you. We recommend doing one or two per day, and feel free to take a break to tend to the orders you have coming in, then picking up where you left off when you’re ready!

  • Find your custom baker URL for referencing in all the following steps
  • Call your #1, your sidekick, and tell them ALL about it
  • Text your closest friends and any regular group-text-chains
  • Divide your email address book: inside my service area, outside my service area
  • Email everyone in your service area
  • Customize your own neighborhood flyer
  • Put up neighborhood flyer on your local bulletin boards
  • Add personal notes, and slip the flyer under the doors of your neighbors
  • Post on Instagram
  • Post on LinkedIn
  • Post on Facebook
  • Post on Twitter


Emily is a community organizer, cook, dance-fitness instructor, and cat mom. She enjoys playing ukulele and experimenting with vegan recipes. Her favorite nosh is freshly baked and salted chocolate-chip-walnut cookies.