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Sell on Cottage Nosh, a unique and compliant marketplace designed to meet the needs of home bakers operating under Cottage Food laws.

Cottage Nosh Benefits

Zero Transaction Fees

We’ll cover all payment processing costs which means you’ll receive 100% of your sales.

Free Online Shop

Get your own Cottage Nosh shop to showcase your amazing products to local customers…completely free for you.

Targeted Advertising

Cottage Nosh will run targeted ads to help you get more customers.


Enjoy discounts that help lower your expenses, like discounted insurance for Cottage Food operators.

*Coming in 2022.

24 x 7 Seller Support

We will help you obtain your license, set up your shop, and market your products.

Sales Tax Collections

Thanks to our partnership with Avalara, Cottage Nosh we will handle the complex process of collecting and remitting sales tax in most jurisdictions, including New York.

Features Your
Customers Will Love

Hardworking home bakers deserve the best tools to grow their business and support themselves and their families.


Pickup & Delivery Scheduling

Offer customers convenient pickup and delivery options that work for busy schedules.

Credit Card Payments


Using our Stripe integration, your customers can use all major credit cards to make payments.

Customer Chat


Talk to potential and existing customers with an easy to use chat feature.

What’s a Nosh Day?

Nosh Days were created to give Bakers the flexibility to work on their own schedules. Each Nosh Day is a unique, one-day event that gives Bakers the ability to:

  • Present a unique menu
  • Establish a pre-order window
  • Select specific days for their pickup and/or delivery options

In other words, Nosh Days are customizable pop-up-shop days that streamline the entire process – from menu selection to fulfillment.

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Grow your business with
your own Baker’s Shop

The Cottage Nosh Baker’s Shop is an eCommerce solution designed to meet the unique needs of home food businesses.

Our platform enables you to set lead times for specific products and to establish a pickup and delivery timetable that works for you.

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Meet The Bakers


Willy C.

Wood’s Goods

I have a major sweet tooth, and I registered with the state to sell my bakes when I learned of Cottage Nosh. I love that I can customize Nosh Days that fit with my schedule, and now my hobby has become a side gig!


Violet H.

Violet’s Bakery

I love being a Cottage Nosh Junior Baker, and spending time in the kitchen with my Bubbey baking for the family. I love trying new things. It’s so much fun to delight my friends and neighbors on the weekends, when I am not in school!


Greta P.

Greta’s Grub

I am starting out offering things I already love to bake, but I am excited to get to know my new neighbors and hear about their favorite baked goods. Maybe I will expand my repertoire on Cottage Nosh! Why not? It’s free and fun!

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Make money selling your favorite baked goods, and watch your home food business grow!

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Sell on Cottage Nosh, a unique and compliant marketplace designed to meet the needs of home bakers operating under Cottage Food laws.