Cottage Nosh Baker’s Promises

By: Eric Greenbaum

Bakers are the key ingredient to the Cottage Nosh recipe. Their ability to provide fresh, delicious, homemade products is what enables us to build a sustainable food community. To help ensure that Bakers are providing customers with the finest products, our Terms of Use lay out a series of promises that all Bakers must uphold. Here are some highlights:

The Baker’s that sell on the Cottage Nosh marketplace have promised customers that they:

  1. Are licensed as a Cottage Food Operator
  2. Are aware of food safety best practices and will follow food safety best practices every time they prepare, create, store, or dispense food.
  3. Will accurately label every product they sell including listing ALL ingredients and ALL potential allergens;
  4. Will only sell and/or offer to sell those food products permitted under the Cottage Food Laws of their locality;
  5. Will only prepare food in their licensed location;
  6. Will use their real name or business name and an up-to-date photo on their profiles;
  7. Will provide honest, accurate information in their profiles;
  8. Will ensure all of their shop content, abides by Cottage Nosh’s policies, including our Anti-Discrimination policy.
  9. Will accurately represent all of their listings and listing photos.
  10. Are committed to materially increasing the deliciousness quotient of their communities!

These are but a few of the principles Cottage Nosh bakers commit to when they sell homemade food on our marketplace. To understand the full extent of Bakers’ commitments please refer to our Terms of Use.


Eric is a baker, lawyer, scientist, and gardener. He enjoys developing and training health regulations and operating procedures. His favorite nosh is apple blueberry tart.