Driving Customers to Your Nosh Days Using Social Media

By: Greta Parr

Focus on the limited nature

Nosh Days are pop-ups for a single day, and that’s the beauty of them! The best angle to promote your Nosh Day from is to lean into its limited nature. Hit home that people should order from your Nosh Day because it’s so special, and will only happen once. By highlighting your Nosh Day’s exclusive nature, you grab people’s interest because they know they only have one chance to get your delicious goodies.

Promote the menu

Make sure to let people know exactly what bakes they can get from your Nosh Day. Consider making a simple menu list, with the name of each item and a little description, and the ingredients. Luckily all of the heavy lifting will already be done, since all of that information will already be input on Cottage Nosh. Copy and paste your menu even into a simple graphic, and upload it to your social media so people can see what you’re baking for your special day.

Countdown to the day

Because Nosh Days are only one day, you should remind your followers leading up to it. You should especially post reminders about the order cutoff day to make sure anyone who wants to order from your Nosh Day can. It’s a good idea to post a reminder every week in the months leading up to your Nosh Day, and then every day the week before order cutoff and fulfillment days.

Tell the story

Arguably, the most important part of your Nosh Day is the story or theme that ties all of the products together. Whether it’s for a holiday, a special occasion, is baked-good centered, or simply that it’s your first Nosh Day experience, make sure to incorporate those reasons into your posts and promotion. Make it fun! Nosh Days are full of joy and yummy treats, so your social media posts should reflect that uniqueness and excitement leading up to your special day.

Use our graphics

The team at Cottage Nosh created some graphics for you to use to let your followers know you have an upcoming Nosh Day. They come in different dimensions to accommodate different social media. Click this link to access the Dropbox folder with all of the “Nosh Day Alert” graphics.



Greta is a social media strategist, Anthropology major at Barnard, baker, and proud cat parent. They enjoy crocheting and collecting enamel pins. They have a lot of favorite noshes, but right now it is classic vanilla cake.