Thanksgiving Nosh Day


Elevate Your Thanksgiving with Help from Local Makers & Bakers


We have some great news! Cottage Nosh has teamed up with our friends at Garden State Kitchen to create a local Thanksgiving Nosh Day with dishes that will please even the most discerning guests… Add to your Thanksgiving menu with professionally crafted options from these amazing local New Jersey Makers & Bakers!


Jessica Glass
In The Company Of Yum
Jess specializes in a variety of sweet and savory pies, ranging in size for the individual to the whole family.
Carline Senesie
Loin d'ici Sweets
Carline’s unique collection of macarons has just the right balance of flavor and texture. Once you take a bite, it will transport you “Loin d’ici” – Far away.
Claudia Robinson
We So Keto
We So Keto specialize in keto baked goods, like delicious keto cakes, keto cupcakes, keto cookies, keto cheesecakes, and keto flatbreads.
Pam Fernandez
Pamcake Sweets and Treats
Pam makes a variety of sweets and treats made with local and seasonal ingredients. She wants to help you add new flavors to your taste buds arsenal!
Renata Wooden
Delicate Gourmet
Renata’s Thanksgiving options will amaze and delight your guests with a spellbinding combination of sophisticated flavors and homemade sensibility.
Pamela Beardslee
Puras Paletas
Pamela crafts specialty healthy and pure treats free from processed chemicals and dyes.
Carolyn Ballard
A'Jar Sweet Cream Factory
Carolyn specializes in desserts in a jar, from cheesecake, to banana pudding, to chocolate ganache.
Rashida Sawyer
Shi's Cakes & Things
Rashida is baking up some delicious cheesecakes and pudding for this Thanksgiving!

Garden State Kitchen is a kitchen incubator that provides an ecosystem of support services for culinary entrepreneurs. Starting any business has its challenges, but food-based businesses have their own unique set of obstacles to overcome. Learn more about this amazing organization here.