How to: spreading the word, by word of mouth

By: Emily Parson

When starting a new business, it’s natural to have any number of feelings around it: anxiety, excitement, uncertainty.

I have one tip about spreading the word about your new cottage nosh business: be organic. Pun intended.

Baked goods and baking entrepreneurship is something that many, many people take genuine interest in. There is no need to put pressure on yourself to sell, sell, sell. In all likelihood, when you tell people what you’re up to, several (if not most) of them will want to check out your baker’s shop and spread the word.

From there, take the initiative to follow up on their interest. Send them an email or a text with your Custom URL and/or QR code. Include a personal note about what listing or Nosh Day you think they’re most likely to be interested in.

It’s also good to be genuine in conversation about any vulnerabilities you are experiencing in starting this business. The people you are talking to about this in person are friends, neighbors, and community members. The more real and down to earth you are, the more they will relate to and respect you.

In sum, be yourself. Find opportunities to catch up with people who are about you, and tell them everything there is to say about your new business. In time, sales will come from those conversations. Don’t expect them to come immediately, or from every single person you speak to. Expect to be surprised.


Emily is a community organizer, cook, dance-fitness instructor, and cat mom. She enjoys playing ukulele and experimenting with vegan recipes. Her favorite nosh is freshly baked and salted chocolate-chip-walnut cookies.