How to Use Nosh Days to Facilitate Farmers Market Pick-Up Orders

By: Deanna Martinez-Bey

Selling at farmers markets is great. It’s fun to meet customers face-to-face and be immersed in the energy of farm fresh produce and home baked foods. One of the issues many bakers face however is how much to prepare for market day. If you don’t make enough you lose out on sales and may disappoint customers. If you make too much you may have wasted time and product.

Nosh Days are the perfect way to address this issue! By setting up a Nosh Day that coincides with your farmers market appearance, you give customers the opportunity to pre-order from you so that you can plan your preparation accordingly. You’ll know exactly what to make and you’ll remove a lot of risk from your market days.

You may be asking yourself: What is a Nosh Day? If that is the case, please click here to read all about them.

A Nosh Day is an event that you (the baker) can set up within your shop on the Cottage Nosh website. It allows your customers to pre-order baked goods from you and pick them up at a certain location on a certain day, at a certain time.

If you are a Cottage Food Operator who participates in local farmer’s markets, Nosh Days are a perfect feature for you to use.

How would this feature work?

Let’s say you know that you will be selling at a local farmers market on September 16, and the market hours are from 8 am until 1 pm. You would create your Nosh Day with a fulfillment date of September 16 with a pickup window of 8am to 1pm. You’ll set the address of the farmers market as the pickup location and set your order cutoff time to leave you enough time to prepare. When setting up your Nosh Day you’ll also have the opportunity to select which of your listings will be available.

By adding your farmers market appearance as a Nosh Day, you can easily take pre-orders and receive payment for them in advance. Your customers can simply stop by your booth at the market to pick up the items they have already paid for. It is easy for you and your customers. A win, win for everyone involved.


Deanna is a baker, author, and all-around creative individual. She enjoys sleeping, coffee, watching the Food Network, and hugs. Her favorite nosh is anything sweet, from chocolate chip cookies to cheesecakes.