Introduction to Nosh Days

By: Eric Greenbaum

Why Nosh Days?

Cottage Nosh developed the Nosh Day concept to help Bakers manage their time to ensure that customers always get their orders at the peak of freshness.  The licensed bakers that make up the Cottage Nosh community may not be baking full time and have other demands on their time. Instead of committing to “store hours” or a set schedule, Bakers can choose specific days they will be available for pickups or deliveries and plan their baking accordingly.  Bakers may run Nosh Days as often as they like. 

What are Nosh Days?

Nosh Days are like market days – think 1-day pop-up farmers’ markets.  Nosh Days are the days customers GET the products they have pre-ordered.  Customers may get their orders either by baker-managed-delivery or pickup.  When Bakers set up Nosh Days they select the date they want to offer deliveries or pickups.  They will also select products they will make available on that Nosh Day, and establish an order window with an order cutoff date and time.  In order to participate in a Nosh Day, customers must place their order during the order window.

Here’s an Example:

Willy is a home baker in Brooklyn.  In addition to operating a cottage bake shop focused on sourdough bread, he is a stay-at-home dad.  Because of his family responsibilities, and the length of time it takes for him to craft his bread, it’s hard for him to set up a shop with the same hours each week.  Instead, Willy prefers to offer his sourdough loaves twice per month.  To do this he set up Nosh Days on September 5th and September 14th. Willy also knows that he can only make 10 loaves at a time.  Therefore he has limited his orders to 10 for each Nosh Day.  Will also does not have a car so he will only be offering his bread for pickup at a park near his house.


Eric is a baker, lawyer, scientist, and gardener. He enjoys developing and training health regulations and operating procedures. His favorite nosh is apple blueberry tart.