Our Core Values – Joy. Integrity. Community.

By: Emily Parson

When we first started our team meetings in Ari’s (our co-founder’s) kitchen, we prioritized determining what our core values are as a company. We thought about companies and people we admire, about our goals and mission. We listed out dozens of values, debated, discussed, and narrowed the list down to these three. We all agree that these are the most important things to us in everything that we do. Here’s a bit about what each one means to us.


We love delicious, wholesome food because it makes people happy. We work hard, and also maintain a sense of humor at the workplace. We have no room for bullies here at Cottage Nosh. Good thing it’s hard to snarl with a chocolate chip cookie in your hand.


We mean what we say, and we expect honesty and quality from all our sellers. Customers, too! People’s allergies (and joy) are on the line. This is no place for misrepresentation.


This is the most important value at Cottage Nosh. Food brings people together, and that’s exactly what we are trying to facilitate.


Emily is a community organizer, cook, dance-fitness instructor, and cat mom. She enjoys playing ukulele and experimenting with vegan recipes. Her favorite nosh is freshly baked and salted chocolate-chip-walnut cookies.