Photographing Your Products

By: Jessica Glass

How many times have you come across a picture of something looking so delicious, it made your mouth water? Maybe you were scrolling online, or saw an image on TV or a billboard. Remember how your tummy started to get happy, and you just knew that you needed that scrumptious thing in your life? You might not have even known what it was you were looking at!

Conversely, how many times have you seen a not-so-appetizing picture of something that may be one of your favorite foods? What about those images made them unappealing?

Think about both of these potential outcomes every time you photograph one of your creations. Your pictures are often the first things seen by a potential customer, and images often lead them to want to learn more about you and your products. It’s important that you present your products in a way that showcases their best attributes.

If you’re not savvy with the camera, don’t worry. This takes practice and for some it will come easier than others. Below we have some great tips for starting out that will hopefully get you on the road to taking pics like a pro. And remember to always have fun!

  • Photos don’t always have to be taken in the kitchen. You want to find an area with natural light, where your products will look their best. Maybe your famous scones look more appealing when paired with a Breakfast in Bed arrangement on the end of a cozy bed!
  • Take multiple photos from multiple angles. Don’t be afraid to get close and personal with your cronuts. Some items just look better on an angle, up close, from above etc. Play around with the direction that you’re taking your pics from. And take plenty of pictures to start. You can always delete the ones you don’t like.
  • Only keep intentional elements in the photo. If you’re taking a picture of the pizza you just made, there’s no reason to have your coffee cup from breakfast in the frame. But maybe some of the fresh basil that you used would look nice in the background?
  • When all is lost, go to the pros. If you are looking for a stroke of artistic genius to hit you, Instagram and your favorite baking cookbook or magazine are your favorite friends. Look through the pages, scroll through the recipes and see how they plate their goodies.


Jess hails from North Jersey. She is a karaoke maniac and owner of a personal chef/bakery business — In the Company of Yum. She absolutely loves being a foodpreneur and delights in a variety of noshes, most recently fostering a healthy relationship with fruit galettes.